Co-Dependency Circle Level 1 is an open program.  Level 2 is open to people who have completed Level 1.  Circles meet weekly for a total of 12 sessions, and each meeting is 75-90 minutes, depending on number of participants.  Circles have 4-6 participants.  Each level is $900.

Co-Dependency Circle Level 1 – Online
November 29, 2017 – February 21, 2018
(Wednesdays, 6 to 7:15pm)
Keeper:  Elizabeth Clemants

Co-Dependency Circle Level 2
November 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018
(Wednesdays, 7:30 to 9pm)
Keeper:  Elizabeth Clemants

Circles are a powerful way to shift a pattern of unhealthy dynamics in your life.  We offer several types of circles at Planning Change:

12-week co-dependency circles:  For those who feel their sense of stability is dependent on external factors, and what other people do; for those who find they care take everyone around them to the determent of their own self care, or struggle with setting healthy boundaries, we offer this chance to learn about co-dependency.   This popular course helps the individual gain insight into how to change this way of relating to others, and has a profound way of shifting relationships to a more positive level.

In these circle 4-5 participants and Elizabeth work through the core symptoms of co-dependency, and ask ourselves where is this showing up in our lives.  The insight alone starts to make profound changes in each person’s life as the 12 weeks creates an anchor for change.  The circles have been life changing for those who have come and past participants report feeling less taken advantage of, less overwhelmed by others, and the degree of resentfulness decreased.  Many have made major concrete life changes in the course of the 12 weeks.

If you are interested in joining one of these circle, please contact us to put your name on the list.  We form circles when we have enough participants to start a new circle.





Planning Change supports the work of Hidden Water, a non-for-profit organization that uses a Restorative Justice approach to address the devastating impact of intra-familial child sexual abuse.  Planning Change has been an integral part of training Hidden Water Circle Keepers to use this process to help heal all the different members of the family where this type of sexual abuse has occurred, as well as aid the family in finding a way to move through the conflict.

Healing circles:  We have different circles depending on how individuals identify at the time they decide to do this work.  The circles are referred to by color and represent different identifiers for the people in one family system.   Green Circle is for those who were harmed sexually by child sexual abuse.  Blue Circle is for family and close friends in a family system where harm has taken place.  Orange Circle is for those responsible for the safety of the child at the time they were harmed.  We also refer to this group as non-offending parents, although it could be other family members that identify this way.  Purple Circle is for those who have harmed a child sexually.

Family System circles:  In addition to these circles, we will work with the whole family system at once to work through the conflict that is arising in that family around the events of the abuse.  It is important to work as a family system, with whomever is willing to do the work, as it will protect the family from continuing to harm itself as the issues regarding this type of harm go unaddressed.  To speak with someone regarding Hidden Water, please feel free to contact us

Please visit the Hidden Water website for more information by clicking here.