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Elizabeth Clemants is a mediator, educator, coach and shaman. In each of these roles, Elizabeth integrates the skills and theory of conflict resolution in her support of individuals in their personal and professional growth. She has a private mediation practice and regularly conducts mediation trainings for various skill levels. She also works with people one-on-one as a coach and, on a deeper and more spiritual level, as a shaman. She lives and works in lower Manhattan. (Click for full bio)

Upcoming Events

Advanced Mediation Training
Begins: October 25/26, 2014
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Speaking Engagements:

‘What Shaman Teach about Vulnerability and Empathy’
ACR 2014 Family-Elder Retreat
Friday, October 10, 2014
Cincinnati, Ohio
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Chicago: January 29-February 1
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Online Podcast

Shaminism and Dispute Resolution hosted by Dave Hilton

Shamanism and Dispute Resolution with Elizabeth Clemants (Planning Change) | Conflict Engagement Specialists

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When Sickness Burns Into Bliss

Frank Vogt | July 15, 2014 I have spent an enormous amount of energy trying to change things. As an acupuncturist and healer, it often seems like that’s what I’m hired to do. Read More!

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