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Elizabeth Clemants is a mediator, educator, coach and shaman. In each of these roles, Elizabeth integrates the skills and theory of conflict resolution in her support of individuals in their personal and professional growth. She has a private mediation practice and regularly conducts mediation trainings for various skill levels. She also works with people one-on-one as a coach and, on a deeper and more spiritual level, as a shaman. She lives and works in lower Manhattan. (Click for full bio)

Upcoming Trainings

Advanced Mediation Training
Begins December 12 & 13
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Creating New Neural Pathways
Begins November 15

Mastery Mediation Training
Begins February 20 & 21

Restorative Justice Certification Program
Begins March 4-6



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ADR As First Career Hosted by Alyson Carrel

ADR As First Career with Elizabeth Clemants (Planning Change)

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From Meditation To Mediation In 3 Steps

Lisette Garcia | October 5, 2015 While reviewing my training manual, I was reminded of the 8 Core Values of Facilitative Mediation. When I was trained, I was told that all needed to be present for the mediation to continue, all 8 at once, that’s a big deal! Read More!

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