Shaman Session

Shaman Session

A shaman session typically lasts around 1 ½ hours but can go as long as two hours.  Sessions are $450.  For kids 12 and under, a shaman session lasts about 30 minutes to an hour (cost is $100).


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Shaman are students and practitioners of traditional energy medicine that has been passed down by indigenous peoples for millennia.  Shaman believe that all problems have an energetic source.  Whether a problem is physical, emotional, relationship based, situational, or psychological in nature, the shaman’s job is to find the energetic source of the problem and shift it.  This deep energetic shift causes the symptoms of the ‘problem’ to shift as well.  A shaman treatment has been called “ten years of therapy in one session,” and is a powerful way to free yourself from repeating unproductive patterns.

Determining one’s individual path takes clarity and lightness — qualities that for many of us are in short supply, and which may be achieved in many different ways.  A shaman’s power of observation and tools for shifting energy can help people to be increasingly and consistently clear in the different areas of their lives.

In a shaman session, Elizabeth helps to identify those parts in ourselves that prevent us from being lighter and more intentional about the way we live our lives.  She is able to set into motion change in the energetic system, which will begin to unfold for a period of time after the session.


What is a Shaman?

Shaman are practitioners of a traditional energy medicine that has been passed down by indigenous peoples for millennia, but has been mostly lost to the modern world until recently.  Shaman have the ability to perceive a person’s energy.  Shaman observe as those energies unfold and present themselves during a healing session.

Shaman watch and listen to their clients on ever deepening levels until they locate the energy that needs to shift.  A shaman works to remove heavy energy, add light, and rebalance the client’s system while helping the client become more aware of themselves.  This combination brings about healing on the deepest possible level.

Shaman believe that each of us have a soul that has lived and will live many lifetimes, and that this particular lifetime has a purpose, a unique agenda. Determining your individual path takes clarity and lightness; qualities that for many of us are in short supply.

Clarity and lightness may be achieved in many different ways, both spontaneously or through “healers” of all kinds, but many have found that a shaman’s powers of observation and tools for shifting energy can help them. Shaman believe that problems have an energetic source. Whether the problem is physical, emotional, relationship based, situational, or psychological in nature, the shaman locates its energetic source and shifts it there, at its root, ultimately causing the ‘problem’ to shift on every other level.


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Why go to a Shaman?

There are many reasons why one might go to a shaman: depression, anxiety, long-lasting periods of grief, anger, rage, a sense of dread or ill at ease, as well as trauma or post traumatic responses.  Even if you are not aware of the original trauma, it can still impact your system.  These are common reasons one might go to a shaman.

Physical symptoms such as insomnia, recurring nightmares, sudden weight gain or loss, addiction, or illness – especially stress related illnesses or unexplained physical pain are symptoms one might bring to a shaman session.

Relationship based issues, such as divorce, affairs, toxic family or work relationships, unsupportive friendships, conflict in the community or multiple failed intimate relationship can often be shifted.  An inability to get pregnant is a good reason to seek a shaman’s help.

The most common reason people seek out a shaman is that they have a general sense of being stuck. There is something blocking movement forward in one way or another. Sometimes a client can point at what that stuck place is, and when it started. Other times they cannot. For the healing process to work, it is not necessary for the client to be able to articulate why they want to come.

* A client should continue to see a physician for their physical issues, in addition to getting the support of a shaman.

** Those who do not feel compelled to come to a shaman should not.  They should resist being pushed into a session by a well-intentioned friend or loved one.


What to expect

When you first come in, we will sit an talk about what brings you in.  Each session is different, so we will follow what is coming up for you that day. Clients talk about whatever has been hard on them during their lifetime which can be recent events or long past events. We just trust that whatever we end up talking about is the right information for the shifts that you want to make.

You will then lie on a leather bench, fully clothed for the remainder of your session.  I might touch you lightly, but mostly I am working on the energy around your body. You can sleep, relax, talk, have your eyes open or shut –whatever feels right and comfortable to you. For most people that part of the session is calming and restorative.

When you are finished, you can get up and get ready to go. After a shaman treatment, it is common to experience a period of recovery.  For many clients feeling tired and spacey for a period of time after a session is expected. You may even feel sore, get congested, and at times, get sick, although that is rare. Emotions after a session can be more pronounced and may last a few weeks.

For months, your life may be shifting in what we call the Mythic – situations and relationships may change in subtle or dramatic ways. But all this is in service of the shifts you are trying to make in your life, and should be trusted and held with care. These shifts can be painful and full of grief for some, or exciting and energizing for others, and everything in between.  Remember to trust that change as that is why we go to a shaman.

I believe, with few exceptions, a client only needs one session to shift what they are trying to change. Occasionally, I may feel that a client needs more than one session, but I will let you know. Sometimes during the session, you may need some remote support to get through the recalibration period, and I will do that if you text me. Some are on a spiritual path and want to regularly go to a shaman to work on themselves. Others are trying to relieve a symptom, and once it is relieved, they do not feel the need to return until they again have a symptom they need support to uproot.  Either way is fine and that is up to you.

Many clients do come back two or three times a year.  You should listen to your instincts on what is right for you.  I believe that a shaman treatment is an important aspect of healing after a trauma – and for this reason, I would recommend coming in shortly after such an event.

Children experience more trauma than adults because a perceived trauma and an actual traumatic event translate the same for them.  I work on many children of all ages, and they clear very quickly.  I can do that either in my office or remotely.  I highly recommend working with a shaman for children to keep their systems aligned through childhood.

After care

Reactions to shaman sessions vary greatly. Some feel a dramatic shift immediately, and others don’t feel anything and only months later see what has changed. And everything in between. There is no one right reaction to a shaman session. It is important to remember that the heavy energy once loosened and removed, can be draining while your body works to recalibrate around the change in your system. You may be very aware of those changes or may not be at all. They are happening still the same.

It is common to feel one thing the first day, and something very different the next. Eventually, your system will be finished working the heavy energy out and shifting, and a period of lightness should begin. It is not uncommon to feel this lightness as if it has always been, making it difficult to remember how you used to feel.

There are ways to support yourself while you are recovering after a shaman session. The first is to give yourself full permission for self-care.  Something admittedly, is not most people’s strong suit. For the most part, listen to yourself.  Anything that feels emotionally or physically supportive to you, is.

However, that said, we also have maladaptive behaviors that help us get through rough times, and those should be minimized for this period after a shaman treatment. I suggest not eating heavy food that is difficult to digest, smoking, using drugs, drinking alcohol and minimize or eliminate caffeine for the few days after a shaman session.

Sleeping, drinking water or tea, getting a massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, reflexology, reiki, yoga, or a juice cleanse can all be supportive of this work, and will help you recover from the shaman session. A trusted therapist can be a great way to process what is unfolding for you after a treatment.

I often recommend a bath (1 cup of bath salt and 1 cup of baking soda) in the hottest bath you can stand, for twenty minutes. This will help eliminate the heavy energy from your system.  Anything that helps you sweat, such a steam room, sauna, hot yoga, exercise, will likely be supportive of this work – if it feels right to you.

You are welcome to text me with an update on how you are doing. I can check your system remotely if you feel like you need that. Or just answer questions. You are welcome to text me any time right after your session or months later. I will not reach out to you however, because I want to give all my clients the space they need to find their path. That said, I am here for you if you need me.

Because I also work as a mediator and a coach, I often see my clients for coaching or mediation work (marital mediation, business mediation, or divorce). You can schedule a coaching session with me to talk about what is trying to unfold in your life. Some clients come for one or two sessions. Others would like to see me on a regular basis. I am happy to do that if I have time in my schedule.

If you would like to bring in another person, to see if you can move that particular relationship to a better place or resolve a conflict, you can schedule a mediation. I have worked for 20 plus years as a mediator and am happy to see my shaman clients in that capacity as well. However, the person you would like to mediate with needs to know you came in for a shaman session.

Since your shaman session is completely confidential, you will need to tell them first that you have seen me in that capacity.  After discussing this, if that person would like to come in for mediation, I will schedule an hour with that person alone, so I have an understanding of his/her perspective before starting the mediation together.

I believe that with few exceptions, a client only needs one session to shift what they are trying to change. Occasionally, I may feel that a client needs more than one session, but I will let you know. Sometimes during the session, you may need some remote support to get through the recalibration period, and I will do that if you text me. If things don’t feel right to you after the session, you should text me, and we will figure out what is going on together.

I ask clients to wait a few months before coming back for another session.  I believe that what I do in the shaman session starts in motion a natural healing process that you will be going through long after you leave my office. So I want each client to wait until they feel that they have reached the plateau of that healing work before returning to work on another aspect of their life that they would like to shift.