SBAC | Elizabeth Clemants

The Small Business Arbitration Center is a straightforward, cost effective way for small businesses to resolve conflicts without going to court. All decisions have a flat rate, a predetermined time limit, and are final and binding. This allows everyone to get back to work quickly without wasting precious resources.

Conflict can overwhelm individuals and small businesses regardless of whether one is trying to resolve their dispute amicably or in litigation. Small Business Arbitration Center allows parties a flexible and empowering process that makes room for settlement when possible, but guarantees a timely, inexpensive, final and binding end to the dispute. We begin the process with establishing a timeline which contains both a final decision date, and a fixed price, so small business can cater the resolution to both their scheduling needs and their budget.

Our Arbitrators are all current or previous small business owners themselves, so they are uniquely positioned to understand the concerns and issues of small businesses. Our Case Moderators are all certified mediators having completed the requirements for New York State Unified Court System, Part 146, so they are skilled in helping parties to resolve aspects of the dispute where possible, as well as helping the parties prepare the presentation of their case to the arbitrator.

Parties to a dispute are welcome to attend with attorneys, but SBAC is specifically designed to caterer to pro-se clients – meaning, the process is simplified and there is enough built in support that most clients should be able to move through the process without an attorney, representing themselves. Everyone deserves to move on from conflict quickly, and not have it derail their lives or deplete their resources. Small Business Arbitration Center is designed for just that.

**We reserve the right to deny cases that we feel need a more complex level of intervention.

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