Negotiating in a Challenging Reality 

Negotiating in a Challenging Reality
January 13, 2018
(Saturday, 9am – 5pm)
Trainer: Michael Tsur
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To be human is to negotiate. Whether it’s with a relative, friend, employer or customer — we are constantly negotiating. Indeed, our lives are the sum of what we negotiate for.  Yet for all our efforts, we too often don’t come away with what we wanted, especially in high stakes or stressful situations. In these instances, our everyday manner of negotiating is tested and can come up short. Minor imperfections in our negotiation style can become pitfalls, costing us time and other valuable resources. Demanding circumstances require more from us — greater communication skills, increased self-awareness, heightened strategic thinking — i.e. the tools of an advanced negotiator.

Negotiating in a Challenging Reality will examine the variety of challenges we encounter when the stakes are higher or our counterpart is less predictable, and by examining the basic elements of negotiation, as well as its pitfalls, participants will gain increased capacity to identify, prepare, implement, and evaluate the proper strategy for any negotiation. This unique course is based on the experience of a long-time practitioner of negotiation and will explore needs and interest-based negotiation:

  • How to manage power imbalances
  • How to discuss what matters most
  • The role of transparency
  • When to walk away
  • Strategies for crisis negotiation
  • When/How to employ a negotiation team

This course is founded on experiential education methodology with the goal of enabling participants to adopt the new skills as second-nature. Thus presence and active participation in the class activities will be foundations for learning. Participants will be challenged by a variety of negotiation cases and simulations in the safe environment of the group as a way to fulfill on the course’s principal objective: to fine-tune our skills through practice and self-reflection for the duration of the course and in our lives.

This full-day workshop presents contemporary tools in negotiation and methods of dealing with more difficult situations. It is interactive, and includes short activities, simulations and examples of every day challenges. The concepts and approaches presented in this workshop have been developed by Michael Tsur, based on his experience of over 3 decades in the field of negotiation. Michael Tsur is a lawyer, and an expert in negotiation, conflict resolution, crisis management and mediation. He specializes in executive coaching of general managers, general directors and owners of companies in Israel and around the globe, working in particular on how to navigate complex negotiations and situations. Tsur is the founder and general-director of the Mediation & Conflict Resolution Institute-Jerusalem. Since 2000, he has been an associate director at Consensus, a New York-based consultancy specializing in negotiation, conflict resolution and peace-building. For the last ten years, Tsur has been a member of various international teams in overseeing negotiations, including commercial and business, and cross-cultural challenges. In 2015, he founded Shakla & Tariya, the first multi-disciplinary program for negotiation specialists.

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