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Individual Mediation Sessions are for each party to meet privately with mediator before beginning the joint session.  Sessions last about one hour and are charged at $300/hour.


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Joint Mediation sessions last between 1.5 and 2 hours.
They are charged at $300/hour.


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For the past two decades, Elizabeth has worked as a mediator.

A mediator is a neutral third party that helps facilitate a conversation with two or more people who are engaged in a conflict, lending support and structure for the individuals to move toward a resolution or the next step that makes the most sense to each.  Mediators are not decision makers and do not come to the conflict with their own agenda on how best to resolve the dispute.  They do, however, provide an opportunity to gain clarity on what is most important to each person, and how the issues and motivating interests can be seen in a new light.  Mediators work with the parties to shift perspectives, get clear on what is most important and negotiate next steps, settlements and new agreements in line with a positive new path forward.

Elizabeth began her mediation career working in the community mediation centers where she was instrumental in starting programs in family, civil, housing and criminal court, as well as keeping cases out of court by working with parties before they were at the point of legal intervention.  She has served as a New York State Unified Court System certified mediation trainer for the past 17 years, and has trained hundreds of mediators over that time.  She currently trains and certifies mediators in basic skills, advanced family and divorce practice and small business commercial practice.  She offers advanced training for experienced mediators and mentors many to expand their capacity as mediators.

Elizabeth is a general practitioner and has experience working with many different types of cases.  Currently she focuses her mediation work on small businesses and family cases, including divorce, but will mediate most types of cases.  During her time working in community mediation she mediated a wide variety of cases from neighbor disputes to high level corporate cases, and everything in between.  She also has expertise in restorative justice work, arbitration and relationship and systems coaching.  She is able to craft processes that match the disputants, in a unique way so that each person gets what they need in order to make a good decision moving forward.


Elizabeth begins every mediation by meeting each party separately so they can get to know her, feel comfortable with the process and get a chance to explain what is most important, as they each see it.  After those initial sessions, Elizabeth will meet with both parties for joint sessions for as many sessions as they need to accomplish their goals.  There is no commitment to any number of sessions, and she will work with the parties to stay within a budget that makes sense for their dispute and finances.