Hidden Water | Elizabeth Clemants

Our mission is to create a safe space for individuals, families and communities
to heal after the devastating impact of child sexual abuse.

Hidden Water is a restorative justice program designed to help individuals heal from the devastating impact of child sexual abuse within a family system. Our program has two components: Healing Circles and Family System Circles. By using the indigenous Peacekeeping Circle model, we offer an opportunity for each person in a family system to find a support circle appropriate for their needs, do the work to heal, and find the path forward.
*All our circles are for adults, age 18 or older.

We offer four types of Healing Circles:

Green: This support circle is for those who have been sexual abused as a child by a family member and are working to heal, come to a balanced place with their family and move forward in their lives.

Orange: This support circle is for those who had the responsibility of keeping a child safe from sexual harm, and were unable to do so – either through inaction or lack of awareness the abuse was taking place.

Blue: This support circle is for other family members or friends that are impacted by the abuse of another and are committed to both heal themselves and support their loved ones through their own healing.

Purple: This support circle is for those committed to healing from having harmed a child through molestation or sexual abuse.

If you are interested in participating in a 12 week support circle, please email info@elizabethclemants.com to find out about start dates.

We also offer Family System Circles:

Our Family System Circle is a unique opportunity for a family to sit together in a structured and safe space to talk about the impact child sexual abuse has had on their family system and how to move forward and heal. Each family member must first have participated in a 12-week Healing Circle to be eligible to participate in the Family System Circle. If you are interested in a Family System Circle, please contact us at info@elizabethclemants.com to find out how.

Hidden Water is committed to providing a safe space for all family members to heal from the devastating impact of child sexual abuse and molestation. Hidden Water is not meant to be used to build a case against anyone for criminal prosecution, and will not gather evidence from anyone. However, Hidden Water is also not meant to instead of criminal prosecutions should a victim choose to pursue that course of action.

Although all our client work is confidential, if Hidden Water believes a child is in danger of sexual abuse or molestation, we consider ourselves mandatory reporters and will immediately inform Child Protective Services of any information we have that might keep a child safe. We will also encourage participants in our program to do the same.