Sessions can be ongoing appointments or scheduled on an as-desired basis.  Availability for on-going appointments is limited.  All coaching sessions are $300 and are one hour in length.


Schedule a Coaching Session

Coaching sessions are one-on-one meetings that explore insights and possible next steps in light of a person’s goals and conclude with a specific action plan.

Some wish to use these sessions as an additional support during a period of conflict or during or after a mediation.  Others use these sessions as a strategic meeting to help think through conflict at work, and how to best manage it.  And others use these sessions to process what has happened in their shaman session and how their lives are changing.

Coaching sessions are a good way to figure out what a next step would be in a conflict. Many people coming in for what we call Conflict Coaching – which comes down to help thinking through a personal or professional conflict in their lives. Having a mediator frame the conflict in the most advantageous way for resolving it, and giving you an opportunity to play into your conflict with a conscious attempt to use a strategic response, rather than an unreasoned reactions, can save time, money and relationships.

Elizabeth is available for one time appointments, and occasionally she can meet with a person weekly or bi weekly, for a period of time, depending on her teaching schedule.