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For the past 17 years, Elizabeth has worked in a wide variety of settings as a mediator. A mediator is a neutral third party that helps facilitate a conversation with two or more people who are engaged in a conflict that needs support and structure to move toward resolution. Mediators are not decision makers and do not come to the conflict with their own agenda on how best to resolve the dispute. They do, however, provide guidance on how to discuss the issues and can bring in outside objective perspectives that can help the individuals toward finding the appropriate next step or conclusion to their conflict.

Elizabeth is a generalist practitioner and has experience working with a number of case types, including small business disputes, estate issues, contract disputes and other business matter.  She also works with family matters, such as marital mediation where couples work to resolve their disputes as well as divorce.

Shaman Sessions

Shaman are students and practitioners of traditional energy medicine that has been passed down by indigenous peoples for millennia. Shaman believe that all problems have an energetic source. Whether a problem is physical, emotional, relationship based, situational, or psychological in nature, the shaman’s job is to find the energetic source of the problem and shift it. This deep energetic shift causes the symptoms of the ‘problem’ to shift as well. A shaman treatment has been called “ten years of therapy in one session,” and is a powerful way to free yourself from repeating unproductive patterns.

Determining one’s individual path takes clarity and lightness — qualities that for many of us are in short supply, and which may be achieved in many different ways. A shaman’s power of observation and tools for shifting energy can help people to be increasingly and consistently clear in the different areas of their lives.

In a shaman session, Elizabeth helps to identify those parts in ourselves that prevent us from being lighter and more intentional about the way we live our lives. She is able to set into motion change in the energetic system, which will begin to unfold for a period of time after the session.

Elizabeth began her training as a shaman with the Four Winds Society in 2008, and continues to be mentored and trained there as well as with various shaman and healers in Peru and the US. She sees clients for shaman sessions in New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis and San Francisco throughout the year.

What is a Shaman?

Why go to a Shaman?

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After Care

Coaching Sessions

A coach is someone who helps you to achieve your goals through empowering conversation. Coaching sessions are one-on-one meetings that explore insights and possible next steps in light of a person’s goals and conclude with a specific action plan.

Some wish to use these sessions as an additional support during a period of conflict or during or after a mediation. Others use these sessions as a strategic meeting to help think through conflict at work, and how to best manage it. And others use these sessions to process what has happened in their shaman session and how their lives are changing.

Sessions can be ongoing appointments or scheduled on an as-desired basis. Availability for on-going appointments is limited.