3 Steps to
Compassionate Conflict

  Lisette Garcia | October 23, 2015   I was recently reading an article about a man with a condition that renders him numb to his own feelings while the feelings and emotions of others Read More.

From Meditation to Mediation in 3 Steps

  Lisette Garcia | October 5, 2015   While reviewing my training manual, I was reminded of the 8 Core Values of Facilitative Mediation. When I was trained, I was told that all needed to Read More.

The New Normal

  Taylor Yess | September 28, 2015   The Pope came to New York last week and midtown was apparently held at a standstill, which annoyed many a Manhattanite. Politicians jockeyed to have lunch with Read More.

6 Tips for Upping Your Conflict Resolution Skills

  Elizabeth Clemants | August 30, 2015   A Stanford University survey by The Miles Group showed that 43% of CEOs said they want to develop their conflict management skills more than any other skillset. Read More.

The Fear Factor in Climate Change

  Elizabeth Clemants | August 05, 2015   I am often accused of living under a rock for various reasons but mostly due to my inability to pay close attention to what is going on Read More.