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3 Steps to
Compassionate Conflict

  Lisette Garcia | October 23, 2015   I was recently reading an article about a man with a condition that renders him numb to his own feelings while the feelings and emotions of others are experienced as his own. That is to say if he sees someone in pain he experiences their pain in […]

From Meditation to Mediation in 3 Steps

  Lisette Garcia | October 5, 2015   While reviewing my training manual, I was reminded of the 8 Core Values of Facilitative Mediation. When I was trained, I was told that all needed to be present for the mediation to continue, all 8 at once, that’s a big deal! Let’s take the value of […]

The New Normal

  Taylor Yess | September 28, 2015   The Pope came to New York last week and midtown was apparently held at a standstill, which annoyed many a Manhattanite. Politicians jockeyed to have lunch with him and stand near him during photo opps. It all felt a little like a spectacle at times to me. […]

6 Tips for Upping Your Conflict Resolution Skills

  Elizabeth Clemants | August 30, 2015   A Stanford University survey by The Miles Group showed that 43% of CEOs said they want to develop their conflict management skills more than any other skillset. As the CEO of Small Business Arbitration Center—an organization that helps resolve small business disputes—I’m surprised that number is not […]